Bridgeway Software is the largest software company that provides software products for legal departments and legal firms throughout the United States and Canada. Bridgeway asked RdlR to renovate their office to create a welcoming and contemporary facility that would attract younger talent through dynamic, technology-driven spaces. RdlR provided a design that not only reflects 21st century collaborative work environments but is also unique to Bridgeway’s values. RdlR created a dynamic, exciting environment with open spaces that foster collaboration and conference spaces flexible enough to support highly technical meetings while doubling as Halo tournament team spaces. Custom modular seating adapts to group and break-out seating needs, while benches provide gathering areas for informal collaboration. Employees are supported by a company café where healthy breakfast and lunches are provided at no charge, and a “kids room” for times when parents need a safe place to leave their children for short periods. To meet Bridgeways’ request to reflect Texas to their many out-of-town visitors, RdlR selected a finish palette that recalled Austin limestone and mesquite woods.