Carnegie Vanguard High School

HISD Carnegie Vanguard High School was designed with the vision of “School as an Interactive Place for Talent Development and Support to the Act of Learning.” Even though it did not have a suitable facility for its students, Carnegie consistently ranked as one of the two top performing schools in HISD. Finally, this vanguard school for the Gifted and Talented has a facility specifically designed to reinforce their educational mission while retaining their intimate culture. CLIENT: HISD. LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX. DATE COMPLETED: 2012

RdlR was able to create a building that educates with exposed buildings systems, integration of outdoor learning environments and use of durable low maintenance materials. RdlR embraced and utilized an existing on-site historic building to become a visual and performance arts complex that was not part of the original program. RdlR´s vision has helped secure additional funding outside of HISD.

Ramon Moss, Principal, CVHS