Fondren Police Station

The City of Houston and the Houston Police Department (HPD) are seeking to redefine how the Department’s physical infrastructure is implemented throughout the City. Designed by RDLR and Roth Sheppard Architects, the primary goal was to establish an adaptable prototype that can be replicated for future stations. The existing Fondren Police Station currently operates out of a 5,000 SF ‘storefront’. The state of the current facility does not allow for the delivery of modern police services, and poses a safety hazard to officers, to arrestees, and to the public. The new, single-story 29,000 SF proposed Fondren Police Station will include a public lobby, large public meeting room, patrol, investigations and locker functions. The station will be designed to comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) standards for Certified Level LEED™ Certification.