METRO Fuqua Park & Ride

The Fuqua West Transit Center is part of METRO’s General Mobility Plan and is located adjacent to a major freeway just inside the Beltway that rings the City of Houston. The Center is connected to the adjacent freeway High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane which was designed to accommodate the current bus transit system with consideration to accommodate a future fixed guideway transit system. The transit center is surrounded by a 950 space park and ride lot. The transit center is expressed on two levels. At the urban/transit level, the heroic cantilevered structure and sculptural form creates a strong image appropriately scaled to be identified from the road. At the passenger level, the transit center was developed as an oasis with Outdoor Rooms buffered by landscaping from the parking areas. The transit center’s image is about transit movement, technology, and a sense of place. CLIENT: METRO LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX DATE COMPLETED: 2009