Heights Reagan High School

The signature project of the year’s Houston Independent School District Bond program, aptly titled “Transformation Reagan”,  is the result of a shared vision between school administrators, educators, Heights community leaders and design/construction professionals. At the heart of the project is the historic Main Building designed by John Staub and Louis A. Glover in 1926. Ungainly recent additions to the Main Building including the cafeteria, central plant and classroom/ lab buildings were removed in order to reclaim its historic foreground.

The 120,000 SF tutor revival structure was renovated to address deferred maintenance, upgrade mechanical/electrical systems, meet current codes and restore its architectural integrity. Though significant renovations were required in the interior of the building to meet current life safety and energy codes, all efforts were made to restore the building exterior to its former grandeur.  Building exterior renovations included complete brick and mortar restoration, window repair; and roofing replacement.  Brick from new openings were salvaged and used to replace missing parapets. Building entries were restored to original condition as much as possible.  This included removal of retrofit downspouts and painted surfaces of cast stone entry; restoration of bronze doors and marble flooring; and replacement of missing light fixtures.  On the interior, the architects found opportunities to restore and reuse many of the original spaces and maintain much of the building’s original detailing such as converting the original gymnasium to a library.