Reagan High School

The John H. Reagan High School project consists of the replacement of the aging, inflexible and inadequate low-density facilities, and the renovation of the original three-story school building to create a full service learning environment for 1800 students with 21st century technology standards for education. The new facilities at Reagan High School are designed to complement, not duplicate, the historic character of the original 1926 building. The new buildings respect the scale of the original building and reinterpret key details in a modern way as unifying elements. The internal courtyard commons was developed as the “heart of the campus” to unify the new structures with the historic building and to maximize opportunities for interaction and collegiality. The ceremonial “main entrance” of the original building will remain as the most architecturally dominant element, and the interior renovations reinforce that experience. CLIENT: HISD LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX DATE COMPLETED: 2008