SER Jobs for Progress

For over fifty years SER Jobs for Progress has enhanced the quality of Houstonians by providing education, training and employment services that empower individuals, businesses and communities. To meet the growing need for job training and youth/senior training services, SER purchased a 2.4 acre property with 1930’s era office and warehouse buildings. The architectural vision for this work includes reconfiguration of the building entry walks and plaza to allow for direct access for pedestrians from the public sidewalk and covered access from the parking lot. The design integrates a new two story entry element with ADA compliant walks, landscaping and signage resulting in a welcoming place that reflects the hope and energy that SER Jobs for Progress programs provide. A new two story entry canopy extends in to the building lobby where clerestory windows capture daylight for the building interior and enlivens an open café that serves students and the community. LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX DATE COMPLETED: 2018

As providers of workforce training we were eager to find an architect willing to design a facility with an “industrial” feel. RdlR immersed themselves in our vision and developed a design that reflects our organization. Their design enthusiasm went beyond building design and into the design of custom furnishing created from recycled materials on site. RdlR has been a conscientious SER partner in helping us to maintain budget and meet both City and County Federal Grant compliance.